Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Palm Springs

In mid June, I was able to steal away one of my oldest friends Marissa, from her domestic duties, and go to Palm Springs, CA.

Most memorable moments: Sissy Bingo, creepy old guys, "prostitots", tuaca lemon drops, psycho soul, bees attacking us at Joshua Tree, "going through stuff", gay tiki bar, mid-century everything. Palm Springs/LA/Venice Beach

Song: Belong-Perfect Life

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bastille Day Mix

Amour sacré de la patrie,
Conduis, soutiens nos bras vengeurs !
Liberté, Liberté chérie,
Combats avec tes défenseurs !
Sous nos drapeaux, que la victoire
Accoure à tes mâles accents !
Que tes ennemis expirants
Voient ton triomphe et notre gloire

Download HERE

L'espace d'une fille- Jacques Dutronc
Rien de rien- Edith Piaf
Il m'a vue nue- Mistinguett
Les comédiens- Charles Aznavour
La java bleue- Fréhel
La Menteuse- Michel Legrand
Un portrait de Catherine 2- Pascal Comelade
Ici l'on pêche- Jean Tranchant
La valse à mille temps- Jacques Brel
La foule- Edith Piaf
La veillée- Yann Tiersen
La Rose des Vents- France Gall
Si tu vois ma mère- Sidney Joseph Bechet
La mer- Charles Trenet

Summer Mix 2

Download HERE

Meet Me By the Water- Saturday Looks Good To Me
Wish We Had- Light Vibes
Good Vibrations Rarities Mix- The Beach Boys
Riptide- Chevells
Summer Showers- Brown Recluse
Precarious Stair- Crystal Stilts
Mar Diamante- Reina Republicana
Tropical- Nino Nardini
Tear Me Down- Girls Names
Juniper- Minks
Flying Into the Sun- Crystal Stilts
Year of Dreams- Mood Rings
I Surrender- Die Jungen

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Summer Mix


Here's a sweet summer makeout mix for you and your lover/summer fling by yours truly

Download HERE

1. Five- Young Man
2. Before We Begin- Broadcast
3. Hearts Are Made To Be Broken- The Sapphires
4. True Blue- Dirty Beaches
5. Not a Friend- Cat's eyes
6. Lord Knows Best- Dirty Beaches
7. Amateur Lover- The Superiors Band & their Soul Singers
8. Indian Ocean- Minks
9. Baby- Donnie and Joe Emerson
10. Sparkler- Jeans Wilder
11. The Horse Was Lost- Thee Oh Sees
12. You and Me-Penny and the Quarters
13. Legs Coca-Cola- Greg Ashley

Enjoy ;)

*Photo by Ryan Schude*

Monday, May 23, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

SXSW 2011

It's been quite some time. I haven't had the desire to blog in a long time until recently, so I'll just update you on the more recent goings ons I attended at sxsw a week ago. This year felt a lot different. I found myself a lot less tolerant of people, feeling genuinely "old", and "tired". I was in the mindset that I'd rather see two bands I REALLY want to see, rather than a lot that I'm not that crazy about. WARNING: True account of emotions/environment/general brattiness that occured at sxsw. Here's what I caught:

First thing, First line: Narrative Shorts Program. My personal favorite was DFW's local filmmaker, David Lowery's short film Pioneer. It was strong, and yes I got teary-eyed. It's playing next week at DIFF. GO see it.

Force Field PR and Terrorbird Media Party:
Rainbow Arabia- Just caught the tail end by chance. Was too busy getting beer, dodging the water falling on me from ceiling to get into it.
Nite Jewel- I was looking forward to seeing them, but the sound was awful, my feet were already hurting, and I became distracted. Decided to leave and high tail it the Altered Zones party to be sure not to miss John Maus.

Altered Zones Party:
John Maus- I waited through Puro Instinct, and I think I'd prefer just listening to their album. They all seemed 19 years old, and my "I'm old" chip on my shoulder felt really heavy, so I went outside to get some fresh air.
Guy clearly-on-crack-also-drunk-possibly-hadn't-bathed-in-days, sat down next to me. My mood continued to decline.
Thank God, it was John time. His performance seemed like a catharsis for him, and taught me a personal lesson in performance. I only wish I had some sort of outlet like this. ENERGY. Crappy iphone video I shot:

I attempted to get "Do Your Best" right before this song, but three large sweaty "dudes" plowed their way directly in front of me, rubbing their back sweat on me, obstructing my 5"5' view, and then left exactly 15 seconds later. Thanks "dudes".

Later that night, I was able to catch the Conan O'Brien documentary, "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop" documenting his prep and tour right after NBC booted him. It didn't disappoint, and I'm pretty sure the best job in the WORLD would be his assistant. See it and you'll know exactly what I mean. All was well in sxsw world again. A Clip:

I was not here during this screening unfortunately :(

Other Music/Dig For Fire Lawn Party:
Cass Mccombs- I walked up literally in the last 30 seconds of County Line in which he opened his set up. This 30 minutes was the happiest I have felt in a long time. Footage of County Line:

(Didn't see or know who that Sharon chick is-sorry)

Twin Shadow- Didn't exactly translate that same 80's new wave feeling from their album, but still enjoyable I suppose.

Under The Radar/Jansport Party:
ATLAS SOUND- Although, all I could see was three inches between a water cooler and some guy's head, I got to sit down, and hear everything. This was Atlas Sound's only sxsw performance, so staring at a ceiling and/or back of heads was good enough for me. My Bradford Cox experiences are complete.

Then I walked back to my host's house several miles on blistered feet due to wack sxsw bus schedules/detours.

Other Music/Dig For Fire Lawn Party:
LOWER DENS- I'm OBSESSED with this band. Second happiest 30 minutes during SXSW.

See what I mean?

Wait, just one more!

Grass Widow- Tired, hungry, must find tacos. I think I was feeling disappointed but could have been because of the latter.

Cults- Didn't quite translate as I had hoped, and that darn distracting monster showed up again. Oooh look, free Izzy drinks!!

The Ghost of A Saber Tooth Tiger (Sean Lennon and friends)- Absolutely surreal seeing John Lennon's spawn, and cute little Yoko was watching from the side. Oh Yoko.

Redefine Magazine/Clumsy & Shy Party:
Moon Duo- Much better this time, opposed to last year when cold front from hell blew in, and they played outside Cheer Up Charlie's in 40 degrees with 20 mph winds. Love them.

Eyes, Wings, and Many Other Things- Totally different line up since the last time I'd seen them years ago. Colin and Sean still killin' it. My growing cough, sunburn, hunger, and blistered feet was giving me the middle finger, so I then said goodbye to Austin.

To sum it up, I only had to wait in three long lines, and two of those were for films. That ain't bad.
Sadly I missed: Edwyn Collins, Zola Jesus, Soft Moon, Dirty Beaches, and Low. I also wanted to see the film Attenburg, but opted to rest my blistered feet and watch Jersey Shore instead.
It kinda sounds like I didn't enjoy myself much, but I really did. It was great seeing friends I hadn't seen in years, spending time with new friends, and generally just getting away,

Next year, I'm going to the beach.

Monday, July 26, 2010